Pin 92524 Epcot 30th Anniversary – 8-bit Figment / Spaceship Earth

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This pin is reimaging of the cutting edge graphic technology c. 1982 for video games - 8 bits. The top portion of the pin is black square. The top has +1982 in yellow. Below this is two-toned gray Spaceship Earth. Next to the sphere (or approximate sphere) is the purple, pink and orange with yellow eyes Figment. Figment is hold up a yellow light bulb. Below, in a deep red and 80s font is EPCOT 30 stylized logo. EPCOT is in orange; 30 is in yellow. The 0 is the original logo for Epcot. Below is dangle (approximately a rectangle) of yellow. The text in black is OCTOBER 1 2012. This pin comes on a specialized back card that contains a muted rainbow of orange / yellow. At the center of the card is: Walt Disney World ® EPCOT 30 (stylized 80s font with the 0 being the lotus / atom like logo.) [Pin] [Behind a stylized Spaceship Earth] [in brown box] Limited Edition