Pin 91834 Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives - the Reagan Library - Storybook Sleeping Beauty

  • $ 70.00

This is a large, hinged Story Book pin with a brassy gold, bejeweled front cover. There is a thick, jeweled encrusted, outer border full of resin covered glittery jewels in a full rainbow of colors highlighted with white colored gems. These are all connected by a background of outlined vines and leaves with an inner border/box which reads Sleeping Beauty in a mustard gold colored calligraphy script. Beneath the text are outlines of curling vines, thorns and leaves and a smattering of smaller jewels. When opened, the left shows a detailed outline of the three good fairies (Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather) flying at a downward curve from left to right and trailing fairy dust from their three upheld wands. The right shows an ornate photo of Princess Aurora (in a blue dress) dancing with Prince Phillip in pink tinted clouds against a darker blue sky and circled by birds.