Pin 91135 DCA - Cars Land Revving Up - Annual Passholder Commemmorative

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Disney California Adventure Cars Land Grand Opening 2012 has this special Limited Edition (3000) for Annual Passholders at its grand re-opening celebration on June 15, 2012. This is one of many pins released that day to commemorate the event. This pin features a hinged element with an oval red stained glass top section encirling the Cars Land logo which is silver and red. The top points of the logo's "V" purtrude above the oval. Opening the pin to the left reveals a smiling Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater looking at each other as they drive side by side on the grey ashphalt Route 66 with a black butte behind Lightning on a background layer of black, with a layer of brown above that layer and behind the butte with a white setting sun behind it in the yellow sky above the butte. The words "REVVING UP IN 2012" are printed in silver letters across the the brown background layer. The rear element is an oval as well. The pin back has two posts vertically, one at the top and the other at the bottom on a silver Mickey icon waffle pattern. The boxes in the middle between the posts has the Official 2012 Pin Trading logo on the left, and to its right it has the Official Annual Passholders Commemorative Collections key logo w/(c)Disney. Below that it has LIMITED EDITION OF 3000, and below that it has (c)DISNEY/PIXAR, CHINA. The pin is mounted on a black backer card with the DCA logo, the Cars Land logo and the words GRAND OPENING 2012 in white letters above the pin with the DLR Annual Passholder Commemorative Collection key logo and the words LIMITED EDITION in white leters at the bottom.