Pin 89232 Jerry Leigh - Muppet Pals Fozzie, Camilla & Gonzo from Muppet Series

  • $ 28.00

Muppet characters Fozzie Bear (left), Camilla (center) and Gonzo (right) are shown as they appeared in the 2011 film The Muppets. Fozzie faces forward, head turned slightly right and looking right. His right arm is raised up by his shoulder; his left arm is on Gonzo's shoulder. He wears a white scarf with pink polka dots and his iconic brown hat. Chicken faces left, in front of Fozzie but behind Gonzo. Gonzo is dressed in a maroon suit with grey shoes and red-maroon tie; he faces left. Underneath the trio is a black circular shape. They are on one of four pins released by Jerry Leigh to commemorate the Muppets film. The pin measures 1 3/8" (34 mm) wide by 1 1/2" (38 mm) tall. It has a double post back. Backstamp reads "© DISNEY, The Muppets Studio, LLC. All Rights Reserved, China."