Pin 79633 WDW - Trade City, USA - Disney Pin Celebration 2010 - Road Signs - 2 Pins Per Trade with Any Cast Member It's the Law

  • $ 25.00

This is a road sign pin that is a white rectangle with green lettering that says 2 pins per trade with any cast - it's the law. From the 2010 Trade City USA event in EPCOT August 26-28th 2010. This was one of the surprises, the welcome gift was a box with 2 pins included and 8 others to collect. This is 1 of those 8. Pin is a limited release. This pin measures 1” wide and 1 1/2” tall. The back is stamped with the 2010 Pin Trading Logo and three rectangles. The Trade City USA logo is stamped in a rectangle to the left of a rectangle that is stamped “©DISNEY” over “CHINA” and both are above a rectangle that is stamped “LIMITED RELEASE”.