Pin 59653 WDI - Mickey's of Glendale - Tinker Bell

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 Tink is seated, knees bent, ankles crossed, looking forward and smiling, with her head tilted a bit to the left. Her right arm is raised, holding a wand with a white five-point star on the end. Tink's right hand is holding the lower corner of the "M" in the MICKEY'S that is on the top of the MICKEY'S of Glendale banner. The bottom of the banner is resting on her crossed legs. Tink's wings are composed of a deep turquoise blue glitter. The "MICKEY'S" in the banner is composed of brilliant emerald green glitter. The rest of the pin is all enamel. SIZE (in inches): 2.125 W x 1.875 H MATERIALS: hard enamel, glitter Two posts, centered vertically.