Pin 108126 DLP - My Favorite Series - Stitch

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The next pin in this series features Stitch climbing up a red glitter curtain. He is leaving claw marks on the curtain. At the top of the pin is MF (for My Favorite) and at the bottom of the stage setting the words Disneyland® Paris appear. Gold finished. Back stamped with lined up Mickey heads. 1 Pin post with one nub at the left 2 bigger nubs from fixing the pin on pin centered above and beneath the pin post. In a rectangular EDITION LIMITEE XXX/700 Made in China a rectangular with MF as on the front 3 rectangulars Disneyland ® P A R I S © Disney © Disney and Stitch all vertical outlines at the left and right edge. In the middle and beneath the new French pin trading logo in the form of a ptn with 20 and 15 at each side on the banner, a Mickey head in the middle.