Disney Artist Proof - Snowglobe Tinker Bell Simply Sweet - AP Pin# 68935

  • $ 25.00

This open edition pin resembles a snowglobe and is part of a three (3) pin collection. In this pin, a stylized Tinker Bell sits on two hearts. The pastel green heart on the left has the word: "Simply" in gold script, and the deep pink colored heart on the right has the word: "Sweet," also in gold script. Tink and the hearts is a pin-on-pin effect attached to the background inside the plastic globe. The background is lavender with a drawn purple design. Drawn on the background behind tink and the hearts are various colorful flowers of yellow, green, blue, and shades of pink. The pin has about 100 hot pink foil hearts for "snow" in the globe, not shown in this photo. Below the half-domed shaped snowglobe is a light green plaque with the words "Disneyland (c) Resort" in lavender colored letters.